Vision System

Vision System

A simple machine vision system comprises a number of components. For an inspection process on a conveyor belt, for instance, an optical sensor will determine when a part is correctly positioned for inspection. The sensor will then trigger either an ordinary camera or digital camera to photograph the part, which will be lit to emphasize the most important aspects.

A digital camera will be able to send the photo directly to a computer. If a regular camera is used, an interface card known as a "framegrabber" will place the image in the computer's databank, where it will be processed by machine vision software. The software will first simplify the image, then scan it for whatever the program demands: counting, measuring, or identifying flaws, for instance. Finally, the system will pass or fail the object, and either automatically eject it from the belt or signal human workers.

Mechanical vision systems are capable of many functions. They can count objects, measure them, read bar codes and serial numbers, match templates, and even locate objects that are obscured. Pattern recognition is usually accomplished by counting contrasting pixels.

Machine vision systems are especially useful when integrated with robotics, and that's our specialty at Custom Machines, Inc. A long list of satisfied clients will attest to our experience in devising customized solutions for your specific problem or application. We can assist you in whatever ways you prefer, from initial concept to final installation. For all your automation needs, CMI is there.


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