Truck Frame Robotic Laser Cutter

Truck Frame Robotic Laser Cutter


In today's competitive climate, companies demand that suppliers be able to meet their needs quickly and without adding cost. Flexibility is the key to achieving this goal. Our customer, a leading supplier of truck and bus frames to the automotive industry had to be able to deliver small, medium and large batch runs of many different frame configurations, in as little as eight hours.

Custom Machines Solution: 

CMI supplied the answer with an automated system that utilizes a laser cutting system attached to a robot. The robot and laser are controlled by a shape-generation software package to cut any shape imaginable through all three sides of a truck or bus frame rail. The system also includes a servo driven rail system that precisely moves the frame rail from an upstream press through the laser cutting cell and on to the downstream processes.

Installation Benefits: 
  • 30 day ROI
  • 400% reduction is scrap rates
  • Increased production rates
  • Reduced packaging times
  • Faster product changeover times
  • Low training expenses because of the robot software's ease of use
Previous Robot Usage Experience: 

This was the first robot installation at this plant. Its success paved the way for more applications.


  • CNC
  • robot
  • truck

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