System Integrator

System Integrator

The integration of separate technologies into a single system is the key to productivity. At Custom Machines, Inc., we specialize in the integration of robotics, machine vision and lasers to create a personalized solution to your production problems. The resulting increase in productivity and improvement in quality control means that your integrated system will pay for itself in no time.

The integration of these technologies results in the creation of intelligent machines, which can function with minimal human intervention. These machines can sense specific data about their environment, make decisions based upon that data, and then take an appropriate action. With such integrated automation systems in place, your human workers can be freed for tasks which require their human intelligence.

Intelligent machines can explore space, delve the oceans, clean up nuclear accidents and do many other functions that would be difficult or dangerous for humans. Their use in industry, while perhaps not as glamorous, is of equal importance. An integrated system can literally save your company or simply take it to the next level, because it makes possible a reduction in costs and an improved cycle speed.

Contact CMI to see what we can do for you. Our company was founded in 1977, so we have nearly 30 years of experience to bring to the table. No matter what your situation is, chances are we've dealt with it before, and can bring that experience to bear, while taking your specific circumstances into account. Review some of our installations (which are presented on our website), read some of the articles published about us, and request our interactive CD for even more information. You'll see why CMI is your best choice for system integrations and custom designs!

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