Steel Tube Laser Cutter

Steel Tube Laser Cutter


Looking for a solution for complex, precision cutting on a cylindrical part? Dies Not Cutting It? Try a Laser! Dies can warp the parts and require huge, loud presses that take up a lot of floor space and can become maintenance nightmares. This was the problem for one manufacturer until they turned to Custom Machines Incorporated to provide the solution.

Custom Machines Solution: 

CMI designed, built and installed a custom laser cutting turnkey system that delivers a higher quality part in less time and improves working conditions. This system utilizes a rotary servo and a CO2 laser mounted on a linear servomotor to perform precision cuts in steel tubing. A magazine loader feeds the parts to the fixture. After cutting, the tube interior is automatically cleaned to remove debris. Then, the fixture ejects the parts out the back of the system to a finished parts bin.


Installation Benefits: 
  • 30 day ROI
  • 400% reduction is scrap rates
  • Increased production rates
  • Reduced packaging times
  • Faster product changeover times
  • Low training expenses because of the robot software's ease of use
Previous Robot Usage Experience: 

This was the first robot installation at this plant. Its success paved the way for more applications.


  • CNC
  • robotic
  • Robots

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