Robotic System

Robotic System

The word "robot" was first widely used in 1921 in Karel Capek's play, R.U.R. ("Rossuum's Universal Robots). The word comes from the Czech word for forced labor. The concept of robotics, however, is far older than the word, going back to ancient myths. Leonardo da Vinci's notebooks contain specs for a mechanical knight, but no one knows whether he ever actually built it. The first functioning automaton that we know of was a humanoid robot that played the flute, built in 1738.

Click Here for Robotic System!Today, robots are used for everything from exploring outer space to doing microsurgery, from cleaning up hazardous waste to mopping kitchen floors. These robots are controlled by computer programs. That's where we come in. At Custom Machines Inc., we can create a customized program for a robotic system that will be specifically designed for your particular applications and problems.

CMI is one of the most experienced companies in this field. We have extensive experience in the integration of different technologies. We are especially well-versed in combining vision systems with lasers and robotics to create a fully integrated, intelligent machine.

Whatever your problem might be, we can build a system to solve it. Robotic systems are particularly useful in applications where speed and precision are needed to speed up production and where there are significant safety or ergonomic risks for human workers. Our customers have found that a robotic system quickly pays for itself in increased productivity.

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