Robotic Automation

Robotic Automation

The more automated your production system is, the higher your productivity and the better your quality control. A robotic automation system will quickly pay for itself with the profits generated by this increased production. At Custom Machines Inc., we can develop an automation system that is specifically designed for your particular application.

Because our robotic systems are designed for specific applications, we can keep them as simple as possible. That means less maintenance and almost no downtime. We are also one of the most experienced companies in combining technologies. That means that we can create a system that integrates a vision system with robotics to create an intelligent machine.

The applications for such automation systems are boundless. They can be used for material handling, welding, dispensing, and trimming, among many other options. At CMI, we can design and install an integrated system using as many of these operations as your application requires. Imagine how that would speed up your production!

Robotic automation is particularly useful in areas that are unsafe or otherwise unsuitable for human workers. Robots can work with hazardous materials or in situations that are ergonomically unhealthy for humans. They can also take over repetitive or highly mechanical processes, thus freeing you to use your workers where they are more needed.

Historically, visions of the future have included automation and the use of robots as a major aspect. The future is here, and we at CMI stand ready to help you implement it. Call us today, and we'll have your problem solved tomorrow.

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