Manufacturing Automation

Manufacturing Automation

Labor costs are almost always the largest expense a manufacturer has to support. In addition to the labor costs of human workers, there are also the expenses of waste, damage and insufficient quality. On an assembly line, for instance, workers get bored, make mistakes or have accidents. An error at one point in the line will affect every aspect of the rest of the process, creating a domino effect.

When you automate your system, however, those problems disappear. Your employees are freed from repetitive tasks to work where their human judgment and intelligence are needed. Automation also relieves problems of ergonomics and worker safety.

An automated line can work around the clock, with no downtime due to illness, holidays, or accidents. Performance is consistent and quality standards assured. At Custom Machines Inc., we can design an automation system for you that will integrate robotics and machine vision to solve the most complex problems. Automating even a small part of your manufacturing process can have powerful effects on your overall productivity.

At CMI, we developed a system that allowed a manufacturer to cut back from two 24-hour shifts working six days a week to one 8-hour shift working five days a week. At the same time, their ability to respond to orders quickly was enhanced by the flexibility of a computer-controlled laser cutting system, which allowed them to program any number of different shaped cutting operations, including custom designs. With an intelligent machine system from CMI, you too can have the benefits of flexibility and economy through automation.

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