Machinery Equipment Manufacturer

Machinery Equipment Manufacturer

Machinery equipment for automation is one of the fastest-growing fields in industry today. However, when you're looking for a manufacturer who can provide you with the means to solve your production problems, experience counts. Custom Machines Inc. was founded in 1977, and has the experience you need for automation technologies.

Click Here for Machinery Equipment Manufacturer!At CMI, we create innovative solutions. We specialize in robotics, machine vision and lasers, and are experts in integrating technologies to come up with an individualized design for you. We have many distinguished repeat clients, including the US Army, General Motors and General Dynamics. What can we do for you?

When you visit our website, you can review some of the installations we have done. Read about our projects in such industry publications as Welding Design & Fabrication and Industrial Laser Solutions. You can also request our free interactive CD, which will give you more information.

Our designers, machinists, fabricators and assemblers are the best in their respective fields. At CMI, we take pride in the high quality and innovative design of our automation equipment. No matter how complex your application, we can design a simple, easily maintained, reliable system of integrated technologies that will increase your productivity while maintaining or improving quality.

Like the tailor who makes bespoke suits, we at CMI work closely with you to deliver exactly what you need. You'll have a project manager who will be available throughout the life of the project. You can co-design with us, or leave it in our hands. Whether you want a concept you can then realize yourself or you'd like a total turnkey installation, CMI can do it.

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