Machine Vision

Machine Vision

Machine vision uses computer science, optics, mechanical engineering and industrial automation to create computer vision for industrial and manufacturing applications. One of the most common uses for machine vision is for inspection. Machine vision systems use digital cameras and image procession to perform quality control inspections on everything from microchips to Mack trucks. Besides inspection, machine vision systems can count objects and read serial numbers.

Most computer systems "see" by processing individual pixels and making conclusions on the bases of algorithms and pattern recognition software. These processes can be done at an amazing speed. Machine vision systems can operate around the clock, with no time off for holidays or illness. Though there will always be situations where human intelligence is needed, automation of suitable processes can result in an incredible increase in productivity.

One of the primary applications for machine vision systems in industry and manufacturing is for quality control. Stock control is supported by counting and bar code systems. Perhaps its best use, however, occurs when it is integrated with robotics to perform automated functions such as deburring or material handling.

At Custom Machines Inc., we have a great deal of experience in both machine vision systems and robotics. We are experts in combining these technologies to create a customized solution to your problems. You'll be amazed at how much such automation adds to your productivity, quickly paying for itself and increasing your profits. Call our experts today for your personalized design.


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