Laser Welding System

Laser Welding System

Welding is one of the oldest of manufacturing processes, having been in use since the Iron Age. It is still one of the most common elements in industrial production, but the methods used now include welding by laser. Laser welding has a high energy density, which allows deep penetration of the materials, which are usually prepared in a lap joint. The size of the weld area is quite small, which means less damage to the material.

Click Here for Laser Welding!Plastics, too, can be welded with the use of lasers. The parts are prepared in a lap joint, under pressure. One part must allow the laser beam to pass through it while the other one must be opaque to the beam. When the beam passes through the top part, it is absorbed by the bottom part, creating heat. The bottom material melts, producing a permanent weld when the laser is removed and the parts are cooled.

Laser welding is very fast, so the process can increase productivity just by itself. It is also easily automated, however, which makes it even more cost-effective, since labor is usually the largest part of the total manufacturing cost by far. There are also significant safety issues in traditional welding, so in recent years, the use of robots has gained wide acceptance.

We at Custom Machines Inc. are experts on both lasers and robotics. We can design a system for you that will speed up production, maintain the highest standards of quality, protect your workers, and free them for other functions. Take advantage of our experience and expertise to set up your custom laser welding system.

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