Laser System

Laser System

There are few things a laser can't do. This focused beam of light energy can burn through steel beams or be used as a scalpel on the cornea of your eye. It can cut and weld, mark and engrave. It prints bar codes on cookie packages and then scans them at your local supermarket.

Not only are lasers incredibly versatile, they are also easy to operate, environmentally friendly, and highly compatible with other technology for full automation. At Custom Machines Inc., we have exceptional experience not only in integrating lasers, but also in designing systems that use robotics and machine vision in a coherent, intelligent integration to fully automate your processes. Your savings can be phenomenal.

For one thing, such an automated system will increase your productivity amazingly. Not only is there no loss in quality, but the precision and accuracy of these systems can actually improve your results. And when you consider that by far the largest cost in manufacturing is labor, you can see the economy.

At CMI, we have designed a wide variety of laser systems. We've created dual robotic weld cells, robotic laser cutters for truck frames, laser welding for bearings, and many more. The flexibility of such systems is also a major asset. When one machine can perform several jobs with just a few clicks on a computer, you have high efficiency and great return on your cost. Contact CMI today to see what we can design specifically for your needs.

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