Laser Marking

Laser Marking

You'd be hard-pressed to find any product whatsoever that doesn't have some kind of label, code, logo or other marking on it. Fancy cosmetic packages, building materials, foodstuffs, medical supplies and just about everything you can think of makes use of the ubiquitous bar code to identify the producer and the specific item. These days, laser technology is taking over the process of marking all these items.

No matter how large a logo might be or how small you want to encode something, a laser system will give you crisp, clean, permanent markings quickly and efficiently. Details with a resolution as small as .01 inch can be produced, and large areas can be blocked out smoothly. Laser systems require almost no upkeep and are simple to use.

The increase in productivity with laser marking systems over other types is phenomenal. At Custom Machines, Inc., we can design a system for you that will make a complex problem simple. In addition to lasers, we also work with robotics and vision systems, and have a great deal of experience in combining technologies.

That means that we could devise a system for you that would include all aspects of positioning, marking and intelligent materials handling. Whatever you want to automate, we've probably already done it, and can bring our experience to bear for you. Installing a CMI laser marking system is an investment that will quickly pay for itself in increased productivity combined with the highest standards of quality control.

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