Laser Engraving Machine

Laser Engraving Machine

Hot stamping, rotary presses and pad printing are quickly becoming technologies of the past, made obsolete by the amazing efficiency and accuracy of laser engraving. With no tool bits coming in contact with the engraving material, there is no wear and no need to constantly replace bits--a boon for maintenance staffs. The point of contact is so small that there is little chance of warping or deforming the material. Also, lasers are ecologically friendly, with no consumables and no toxic by-products to dispose of.

The engraving pattern is controlled by computer, and produces a very clean line very quickly. Lasers can be used on a variety of materials, including plastics, wood, leather, and non-linty papers. The detail and accuracy of laser engraving is unsurpassed, since images can be engraved at up to 1,200 dots per inch. The uses of industrial laser engraving are innumerable, and include signage, personalization, and serial numbers.

Lasers are ubiquitous these days, and affordable even for smaller businesses. Modern laser engraving equipment is as easy to use as a computer and printer. Businesses can engrave logos, icons, and even photographs quickly and easily with our industrial laser engraving machines.

Let Custom Machines Inc. design a laser engraving application to suit your particular needs. We are also experts in combining technologies, and can set up a system for you that might include robotics and/or vision systems to automate an entire process. We can simply create the initial design for you, or take it all the way to turnkey installation. We're here to create a custom solution for you.


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