As technologies continue to grow and expand, the integration of those technologies becomes ever more important. The automation of industrial processes is a good example. As separate processes become automated, a lack of integration can result in "islands" of automation, unable to communicate with each other.

Integration is of primary importance within an individual production cell, as well. At Custom Machines, Inc., we specialize in the integration of robotics, machine vision and lasers to produce a simple solution to your most complex production problems. Such integration results in intelligent machines, which can increase your production drastically while maintaining or improving quality.

Intelligent machines are those capable of sensing their environment, making decisions based upon that data, and then putting those decisions into action. A robotic installation integrated with machine vision and a laser cutter, for instance, can inspect a piece of metal, determine where there is flashing to be removed, and then remove it, all with no human intervention.

Imagine what such integrated technologies might do for your workplace. Your employees can be freed from repetitive tasks to be deployed in situations where human judgment and intelligence are needed. Hazardous and dangerous work situations can be completely handled by an integrated automation system. Since labor is generally one of the highest costs in industry, the economic benefits are obvious.

Let our experts at CMI devise a customized integrated system for you. From initial concept to complete installation, we can work with you at whatever level you choose. With nearly 30 years of experience, CMI has the know-how to design exactly what you need.

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