Plastic/Farbic Processing

Plastic/Farbic Processing

The plastic processing industry and the fabric processing industry, although different in terms of what they produce and the materials they use, do have some needs or requirements in common. Whether it’s plastic or fabric, Custom Machines can design and create industry specific applications to make their operations as efficient as possible.

For plastics manufacturing, Custom Machines works with its clients to design and build the equipment that will optimize their production process: everything from factory automation systems and laser marking systems to system integration and laser cutting, we apply our years of experience and direct consultation with our clients to create the most innovative and invaluable equipment for the plastic processing industry.

The fabric processing industry is similar to plastic in that the right applications and technologies can greatly improve any company’s operations. Custom Machines combines its textile industry experience with an understanding of the client’s specific needs and production targets to design and implement systems that make it less challenging to maintain production speed and control quality while processing fabric.

For those companies who process plastic or fabric, Custom Machines’ technologies not only improve the speed at which they produce, but they also help reduce their labor costs and fix their inefficiencies. Maintaining a high standard of quality is easy with the right tools.

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