Part Testing & Marking

Part Testing & Marking

The part testing and marking industry have much to gain from Custom Machines’ line of innovative applications. Whatever it is that you require to better your part testing or marking processes, there’s a good chance we’ve already engineered the solution.

There are numerous options available to the part testing and marking industry if improving quality control, increasing production speed and reducing delays is what you seek.

With the use of vision systems and robotics, part testing becomes a more easily controlled process with fewer opportunities for error—testing is faster and more accurate. It also frees workers to use their knowledge and skills in other ways where only human intelligence will do.

For marking, laser systems are best suited to imprint a logo or barcode on a cosmetic case, piece of metal or other building material. No other application can match the speed or precision of a laser when marking even the smallest encoding onto a product. What’s more is lasers are becoming less expensive and are easy to use, which makes them a cost-effective choice for product marking.

Custom Machines also combines these various technologies to automate processes that were otherwise cumbersome and common sources for delays. This type of automation is well-suited for the part testing and marking industry and Custom Machines can specially design the system that best meets your business’ operations. An automated system that was built for the utmost in quality control and productivity will quickly recoup its owner’s investment.     

Custom Machines is committed to customer service and excited for the opportunity to show you how we make businesses better.

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