Metal Processing

Metal Processing

There is a lot the metal processing industry can gain from a specially designed system or piece of equipment from Custom Machines. Our knowledge and experience, along with our willingness to take the time to learn and understand the specific needs of each industry, can make all the difference in a metal processing, metal forming or even sheet metal fabrication company’s operations.

We assist companies in the metal processing industry by creating the solution to their problems. So, if a company wishes to have better control over the quality of the metal product they’re producing, needs to reduce their labor costs to be more profitable, or restructure their operations so that they consistently meet their targets, on time and without error, Custom Machines will design and build the system or piece of equipment that will make this possible.

From vision systems that inspect, count and measure products on a conveyor belt to laser cutting systems and robotic welding, there are a multitude of approaches that can be taken to improve production in the metal processing industry. 

Robots, for example, are well suited for metal processing because they make it possible for production to continue, literally around the clock, while limiting the risk of injury to employees.

Let Custom Machines help you find the key to a more efficient and profitable way of working.

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