Robotic vision, otherwise known as machine vision for industrial purposes, has transformed the factory floor. Instead of countless human workers lining factory conveyor belts, manually inspecting, counting, positioning and picking parts, vision systems, sometimes with the help of robotics, are able to do all of these tasks. Such a system allows manufacturers to change to different products with greater ease and without having to switch between different machines or in-feed systems.

The number of ways in which the vision industry applications can be used to improve productivity is vast: machine vision can be used to measure, count and locate specific objects, read serial numbers or bar codes and even match templates.

The best way to experience the full potential of machine vision, however, is to combine this technology with robotics, an area in which Custom Machines specializes. By integrating vision with robotics, you have the ability to work around the clock with ‘workers’ that never grow tired and whose deference for quality control never wanes. Putting one of these vision systems into practice in your operation may be the most cost-effective decision you have ever made.

Custom Machines collaborates with its clients to develop a creative and customized solution to their problems. If you think machine vision might be beneficial for your line of work, contact us for more information on our vision industry services.

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