Industrial Machinery Equipment

Industrial Machinery Equipment

Robotics is the science of creating electro-mechanical machines that are either completely automatic or controlled by computers or remotely by humans. Industrial robots are changing the face of modern manufacturing as they gain in sophistication. At Custom Machines, Inc., we have the experience and know-how to design industrial robots and integrate them with other technologies such as lasers and machine vision. That means that we can create a customized design to solve your production problems.

Click Here for Industrial Machinery Equipment!There are several components to a robotic system. First is the structural component, which comprises the base, arm, links, etc. The mass of the structure must be adequate to provide enough rigidity to ensure accuracy under the desired payload. Then there are the actuators, the engines, transmissions, etc. that drive the robot.

The control computer provides the interface between the robot and its operator. Finally, there is the end of arm tooling, which must be designed specifically for the required task. A robotic laser welder, for instance, requires a different EOAT from a laser cutter or pick and place robot. There may also be integrated technologies such as machine vision to create an intelligent machine.

CMI is one of the most experienced companies in integrating this technology. We create a customized system for whatever applications you desire. Our long and distinguished list of repeat clients testifies to the expertise we bring to your project. We can participate at any level you wish, from the initial concept to the completed installation. Bring your production problems to us--we'll find the solution!


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