Industrial Equipment

Industrial Equipment

Automation equipment can improve your company's production in a wide variety of ways. We here at Custom Machines Inc. are dedicated to creating a system that will solve your unique production problems. We have an excellent base of experience in integrating robotics, machine vision and lasers to create a customized system tailored to your specific needs.

Materials handling is a natural for robotics. Pick and place, loading and unloading, and conveyor systems are functions that can easily be automated. It's an especially good idea to use robotics for materials handling when there's a chance of injury to human workers, either from the size and weight of the materials or because they are toxic or otherwise hazardous.

Cutting and welding operations can also make use of robotics combined with laser or other systems. If your business requires flexibility in filling orders for differing materials, often with little lead time, you'll find an automated system especially worthwhile. You can change your operation quickly with just a few keystrokes, rather than having to change dies or otherwise retool.

Labeling, marking and scanning processes are also being changed by lasers. Fresh fruit is an excellent example. Instead of putting sticky labels on each piece of fruit to identify it, and then having a cashier look up the price on a list, lasers can now "tattoo" labels and bar codes on the fruit itself without damaging it. That means the cashier can now scan fresh fruit as quickly and easily as any other product. For innovative ideas about how we can improve your operations, contact us at CMI.

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