Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation

The technology available for industrial automation is reaching a point that early sci-fi movies never envisioned. Robotics no longer means a simple device to pick and place, for example, but a sophisticated system that can perform an entire range of functions. That same pick and place robot, when integrated with machine vision and laser functions, may be part of a system that also performs quality inspections, reads bar codes, performs cutting, welding and other fabrication processes, then packages the product and marks the label.

Click Here for Industrial Automation!At Custom Machines, Inc. we design such systems to suit each individual manufacturer's needs. We can take you from the initial concept to turnkey installation, or do any part thereof. CMI, founded in 1977, is among the most experienced of all companies in integrating robotics, lasers and machine vision to create intelligent machines.

However complex your production problem might be, CMI can design a simple, easily maintainable and efficient solution. When you work with CMI, you will have a project manager to provide a consistent point of contact. Our designers can take your problem and come up with a solution on their own, or work with you to co-design exactly the system you want. Our machinists, fabricators and assemblers are among the very best in the business.

Visit our website to see a few of our installations and read articles written about us in such periodicals as Manufacturing Engineering, Industrial Laser Solutions and Welding Design Fabrication. You can also request our free interactive CD for more information. Let us help you improve your bottom line with innovative industrial automation solutions.

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