File Cabinet Welder

File Cabinet Welder


A cabinet manufacturer approached Custom Machines to design a robot to weld cabinets.

Custom Machines Solution: 

Designed to manufacture file cabinet assemblies in five different possible sizes. The cell welds (4) spanner bars to the cabinet shells, (2) on the front and (2) on the back. This cell is comprised of three main sections, the Table, Fixture, and Weld Robot. At the Table the operator loads the parts and measures the cabinet on the sensor tree. Then, using the information from the sensor tree, the machine fixture will automatically adjust itself accordingly. Once the machine has finished its changeover the operator inserts the cabinet into the fixture. The fixture holds the parts in place, and the robot completes the process by welding the spreader bars to the cabinet.

Installation Benefits: 
  • 30 day ROI
  • 400% reduction is scrap rates
  • Increased production rates
  • Reduced packaging times
  • Faster product changeover times
  • Low training expenses because of the robot software's ease of use
Previous Robot Usage Experience: 

This was the first robot installation at this plant. Its success paved the way for more applications.


  • laser
  • robot
  • welder

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