Machining has come a long way from the days where a variety of hand operated tools were used in manufacturing to either mill, cut, drill or saw just one work-piece. Today, CNC machining has revolutionized machine shops so that larger volumes of work-pieces can be pushed through with far fewer mistakes and far fewer workers manning every step of the process.

Although machining has been made more efficient, Custom Machines can offer machine shops and manufacturers a way to take their production and their business to the next level: automation systems for machining. With custom made cells that are comprised of one machine to entire machining centers that utilise technologies like robotics and vision systems for loading, inspecting, assembly and more, automation dramatically changes the course of any machining process.

With this type of integrated machining solution, operating costs are dramatically reduced because machining any part takes less human labor, less time and fewer materials. The entire machining process is made more consistent because fewer materials are wasted through error and the automated system is unaffected by external factors that would otherwise slow manual production. With these types of improvements, those who invest in automated systems enjoy a quick return on their investment.

Custom Machines provides the utmost in quality customer service and works with its clients, every step of the way, to ensure the design and implementation of the perfect automated solution for their machining needs. We also provide all of our clients with a project manager, whose job it is to answer any and all questions.       

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