Automation System

Automation System

Investing in an automation system is one of the most cost-effective improvements a business can make. Automation systems are an asset to every business or industry because they are specifically designed to enhance performance, cut costs and maintain the highest standards of quality.

Since our inception in 1977, we at Custom Machines have been building automation systems that improve production by combining technologies like robotics, vision systems and lasers to create the perfect system for each and every one of our clients’ diverse needs.

Instead of technologies working alone and in separate stages of production, we can join these systems together for a more complete solution. So, for example, a vision system can be used to perform inspections, products can be put together or packaged, and we can even build machines that direct and control other machines. Automation streamlines production. 

Automation, however, doesn’t just improve the rate at which you produce or the quality of the objects you make. A custom built automation system can also dramatically improve the safety of your workers which, as every business owner knows, cuts costs and enhances profitability. Reduce costs incurred through injured workers or lost time by having us design an automation system that makes processes less conducive to injury or even one that eliminates human exposure to hazardous chemicals. The beauty of custom built automation systems is that no matter what type of challenges you face, we can solve them with one turn-key project.

Building automation systems not only takes knowledge and skill but it also requires experience. We bring years of experience to every project we take on and we look forward to engineering the perfect solution to your operations’ biggest challenges.  

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