Armature Winding

Armature Winding

As with all of the systems or processes that Custom Machines improves with the design and installation of custom automation solutions, armature winding production equipment can be optimized for precision, speed and, ultimately, cost-effectiveness.

Custom Machines puts the control of armature manufacturing back into the producer’s hands with the use of automated, integrated production lines that allow for far greater flexibility than the standard manufacturing processes. With the flexibility of reprogramming for quick changeovers, the manufacturer reduces delays and labor costs, increasing their profits.

In the same way that we can automate armature winding manufacturing, Custom Machines can also design a system to integrate any armature winding machine into an automated production line.

One of our team members would be happy to tell you more about our services for the automation of armature production equipment or the integration of an armature winding machine into an existing automated production line. We are excited to show you how our years of experience can be put to the test to improve your business.

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