Factory Automation System

Factory Automation System

With a factory automation system, manufacturers are no longer confined by the processes that often cause delays in production. Factory automation gives manufacturers flexibility and, with greater flexibility, efficiency and the utmost in quality control.

Custom Machines builds the innovative technologies that can bring speed and consistency to any factory. A custom designed, factory automation system can be comprised of either one machine that was designed specifically to make one part of the manufacturing process more efficient, or it can consist of a number of technologies from robotics to vision systems that, when integrated, can take over an entire phase of the manufacturing process. 

Custom machines, for example, can specially design and build a laser engraving machine that will engrave company logos or even photographs with precision and speed. Then, other technologies can inspect, measure and even package during the final stages of production. Instead of needing a labor force comprised of workers who are only trained to do one task or who can only work in one area of the factory, an integrated automation system can be created and programmed to do everything you need it to do.

With this type of custom, factory automation system, you can then quickly reprogram these technologies when it’s time to turn out products of different sizes and quantities. Slow changeovers will become a thing of the past!

Those who implement such technologies quickly recoup their investments through lower labor costs and far fewer delays.

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