Factory Automation System

Factory Automation System

Often, when people think of robotics and automation, they envision a series of identical machines performing identical functions, repeated endlessly. While there are certainly applications where this is true, it's important to realize that automation actually adds flexibility to manufacturing processes. Having the ability to produce varying products in varying batch sizes, often with very little notice, will put you far ahead of the competition. And with a custom system designed by Custom Machines Inc., you can change your operation instantly without the need for extensive retooling.

Click Here for Factory Automation System!Laser cutting machines, for instance, can be programmed to cut a wide variety of shapes, including custom shapes for specific applications. The software can also be programmed to set an optimal cutting angle. Imagine how quickly you could respond to your customers' requests when you have such a system at your command.

A cutting system, of course, is only one small aspect of what we can design for you. With our extensive experience in integrating lasers, robotics and machine vision, we can provide you with the technology you need for welding, materials handling, machining, inspection, packaging, machine tending, or whatever you wish. We can be involved to whatever extent you desire, too, from initial concept to turnkey installation.

Contact CMI today to learn what we can do for you. You'll find that an automation system quickly pays for itself in increased production and superior quality control. Visit our website to review some of our installations and read about us in some of the foremost periodicals in the field.

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