Equipment Machinery

Equipment Machinery

Custom Machines, Inc. is your source for lasers, robotics, vision systems and customized equipment. CMI was formed in 1977, and we are continually developing and expanding our fields of expertise. We have the experience to solve your production problems with an innovative design that will reduce your cycle time and maintain the highest quality standards.

Click Here for Equipment Machinery!The more fully automated your system is, the better your output. We can design equipment machinery that meets a wide variety of needs. If it's welding you want, we can create equipment to do that. Material handling, inspection, machining and fabrication, laser etching, assembly systems and packaging are just a few of the functions we can serve.

Combining machine vision with robotics is our specialty. We can create intelligent machines that can do your work faster and with better consistency than whatever system you're using now. Our custom designs have been noted in many periodicals, such as Industrial Laser Solutions, which published an article about a laser and robot installation designed by CMI that saved a supplier of frame rails for large trucks, motor homes and buses. These steel C-channels are up to 43 feet long and weigh up to 800 pounds. There were more than a thousand option holes that needed to be cut on all three sides.

The plant was utilizing two shifts around the clock, six days a week. Quality was low, and employee morale was low as well. After installing a robotic laser cutting system, the plant was able to increase production and improve quality while running one eight-hour shift per day, five days a week. For more details, we encourage you to read the entire article on our website. With results like these, just imagine what CMI can do for you!

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