Cutting Laser System

Cutting Laser System

There are three general types of laser cutting systems for industrial use. The simplest is called Flying Optics. These lasers are capable of moving over a flat work piece on both the X and Y horizontal axes. These are generally the most common because they use an inexpensive stationary table.

Two other common types are hybrid and pivot-beam lasers. In both of these systems, the table also has the capability of moving in the vertical dimension as well. For some applications, pulsed lasers might be the best choice. These emit a powerful burst of energy for a short period.

At Custom Machines, Inc., we have significant experience in developing laser cutting systems. We have developed a system that uses a rotary servo and a carbon dioxide laser to produce precision cuts on tubular steel and machined surfaces. Lasers make clean cuts without the need for dies. There's no cutting edge to dull and far less possibility of warping, since the laser heats such a thin area.

We are also experts at integrating technologies to create a custom solution for your particular problem. We can, for instance, integrate a laser cutting system with a robot and program it to cut a variety of shapes with just a few keystrokes. Imagine the versatility and speed that could add to your production. We can help you develop a system at any level you want, from the initial design to turnkey installation. You'll find that a custom design from CMI will pay for itself in no time with increased productivity and flexibility.

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