Automation System

Automation System

If you have a problem with your production, our skilled workforce at Custom Machines, Inc. can come up with a solution. Ever since our inception in 1977, we have been a leader in innovative technology, combining robotics, vision systems, and laser systems to create custom applications for our clients. We can work with you to whatever extent you desire, from beginning designs to the installation of a complete turn-key project.

Click Here for Automation System!Automation systems can cut your production time, assure a consistent quality of product and protect your staff. We have, for instance, designed systems to handle hazardous waste with no human exposure. We can also make your assembly or production process more ergonomic, thus preventing lost time and expense from worker injuries.

By combining technologies, we can do more than any one system can do by itself. We can use vision systems to perform inspections, do deflashing and deburring, and guide our intelligent robots. We can deploy logic systems ranging from simple relay logic to ladder, sequencing, and staging logic. We can create automated systems for welding, cutting, assembling, and packing your product. We can also create machines to tend other machines.

All of our work is entirely customized to serve your needs. Visit our website to see our impressive list of clients, and you'll see how much experience we bring to your situation. Whether you need a reduced processing time, better quality control, or an increase in production, we can devise an automation system to accomplish that. Bring your problem to CMI, and consider it solved.



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