Automation Robots

Automation Robots

In films and sketches from the '40s and '50s that depicted the "future," one recurring image was of an assembly line completely staffed with smiling, anthropomorphic robots. The line hummed, the robots smiled, and products were whisked efficiently along. Well, the robots may not look like that, but otherwise, that projection has come true. Automating your facility with robots will keep your productivity at its highest and maintain best standards of quality control.

At Custom Machines, Inc., we know robots. We specialize in creating a custom system that will meet your needs and solve your problems. Automation robots are particularly useful in situations that pose ergonomic and safety concerns for human workers. In one such case, CMI devised a robot to remove flashings. A material handling robot received instructions regarding how much flashing was needed to remove from a DVT vision system, and 20 human workers were relieved of the task of filing flashings by hand.

Speed is another aspect of robotics that can't be overstated. With a custom installation from CMI, you can increase the speed of your production exponentially. Material handling robots can perform operations in seconds, freeing up your human workers for more rewarding functions. One of our customers used 19 material handling robots and increased production so much that the robots paid for themselves in just two years!

We have the expertise to work with you every step of the way. Contact CMI today to see what we can do to solve your problems. Our robots may not smile, but you will!

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