Automation Equipment System

Automation Equipment System

Custom Machines Incorporated is your source for the most innovative designs in lasers, robotics, and vision systems. We have a very wide range of experience in combining technologies to solve problems in creative ways. Whatever application you might need, chances are we've already done it.

All of our work at CMI is custom work, which means we are dedicated to solving your problems, not just selling you a product. We can serve you in any or all stages of developing your equipment, from the initial design to installation and testing. You decide what you need and we'll provide it.

Each project has its own Project Manager, so you'll have a single point of contact to answer any questions throughout the project. We pride ourselves on being responsive to our clients and providing superior service. We have worked with clients ranging from the US Army to General Motors and TRW Automotive to Bytec and the Lear Corporation, and we bring all that experience to bear on your project. At CMI, we are always striving to find new and better ways to accomplish things.

Our automation equipment can help your company stay responsive to the market no matter what the contingencies. Robotic workers don't need sick days or holidays. For stressful repetitive motions, you don't need to worry about a robot's ergonomic needs. Automated equipment can turn out a product faster and more reliably, allowing you quicker turnaround time and more flexibility. And when you need to make a change, you only need to reprogram, not retrain.

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