All of Custom Machines’ assembly systems are designed to achieve the same goals: give greater flexibility, improve quality control, increase speed and profitability. Any manufacturer will benefit from implementing a system that is built for versatility, efficiency and accuracy.

Revolutionize the assembly stages of production with synchronous assembly systems, non-synchronous assembly systems or a modular system that are designed and built specifically for your business.

Custom Machines’ synchronous systems increase the speed and improve the accuracy of transfers between various stations, allowing for greater assembly volume.

With a non-synchronous system, stations that are automated, manual or even semi-automated can be integrated to eliminate slow transitions or exchanges and increase production speed.  

A modular assembly system can also be implemented to improve cycle speed and are often appreciated for their adaptability and the fact that they can be reconfigured or moved as production requirements change.

With any of the systems Custom Machines builds, operators will have greater control over assembly, making targets for profit and safety easily attainable. Our team looks forward to showing you how a custom system can put you in control of assembly at your place of business too.  


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