Aircraft Robotic Laser Scribing System

Aircraft Robotic Laser Scribing System

Robotic Laser Scribing System

Custom Machines was approached by an aircraft manufacturer to develop a laser scribing system.

Custom Machines Solution: 

Designed to aid in the manufacture of aircraft engine components, this laser scribing system utilizes a high accuracy robot and servo positioning fixture for several different part styles. The supplied aircraft components are manually loaded and unloaded onto the fixture. The pre-coated component then has a series of shapes scribed on the outside surface via a CO2 laser attached to the end of the robot. The entire system is enclosed in a light tight enclosure.

Installation Benefits: 
  • 30 day ROI
  • 400% reduction is scrap rates
  • Increased production rates
  • Reduced packaging times
  • Faster product changeover times
  • Low training expenses because of the robot software's ease of use
Previous Robot Usage Experience: 

This was the first robot installation at this plant. Its success paved the way for more applications.


  • laser
  • robotic

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