About Us

About Us

Our company name, Custom Machines, says it all: we specialize in designing and building custom equipment. When you buy a custom machine from us, you can rest assured that you are investing in a piece of equipment that will address and fulfill your production needs.

With each and every machine we create, our custom manufacturing process begins with direct consultation with our clients. After all, you know your business better than anyone else and it’s our communications with you that make it possible for us to engineer the perfect custom machine. Whether your goal is to reduce labor costs, give versatility to your operations, improve production speed, step-up worker safety, or all of the above, Custom Machines puts you, the client, in control when determining the functionality or purpose of your machine. 

Then, as the design and development of your custom machine moves forward, we stay in direct contact with you so that, at any time, you can make changes to your machine. This way, you’re guaranteed to receive exactly the solution you’re looking for. We carefully document all phases of planning and record all of the materials that will be required for custom manufacturing, and we are sure to run each stage of the process by you or your team of engineers before proceeding. We want you to be completely satisfied with your machine and for it to be compatible with your facilities and the existing applications.

We build every custom machine in this same manner because we know that this system works. Since 1977, we have been working with clients to build the types of machines that they need to be better at what they do.

Custom Machines was originally founded in 1977 by Jim McClenathen. In 1992 Custom Machines was incorporated to encompass the special machine and automation equipment growth of the company.

Our total workforce is made up of 40 highly skilled employees, including:

  • Project Managers - Each project has a Project Manager assigned to it so that you, the customer, have a point of communication at your disposal throughout the life of the project.
  • Mechanical Designers -  We have worked in many different facets of the production world, and we're always looking for new ways to innovate and automate.  Using the latest 3D technology we can co-design with the customer, or fully design from concept to production.
  • Controls Designers - We have the know how to give you a machine that runs the way you need it to, and with the features you want. From simple PLC programming, to robotic programming to complex vision system design we can do it all. 
  • Machinists & Fabricators - With our fully staffed machine and weld shops we can manufacture just about anything.
  • Assembly - We have the best team of machine builders and electricians in the business. They have years of extensive experience building all types of machinery and equipment.

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