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Robotic Automation
Robotic automation is the key to making manufacturing more controlled, consistent and profitable. Reduce your labor costs, improve quality control and optimize production rates with the use of robotics, laser and vision systems.

Automation System Integrator
By combining a variety of technologies into one automation system, we create streamlined solutions for production problems. An automation system intergators can be built to reduce processing times, to handle hazardous chemicals, to assemble, weld or even package products.

Custom Machine
As our company name so aptly describes, every product we build is a custom machine. There’s no one size fits all solution for every manufacturing challenge and that’s why every machine we design and build is made to order. Our clients tell us their problems and we build the solution.

Factory Automation System
A custom built factory automation system improves performance by giving greater flexibility to any manufacturing process. Robotics, machine vision and lasers can be implemented and then programmed so that operation changes can be made quickly and easily. Meeting customer demands has never been easier!   

Laser System
Laser systems are amazingly versatile, cost-effective and easy-to-use tools that can be combined with technologies like robotics and machine vision to create the perfect automation solution. Quickly recoup your investment with the process improving precision, accuracy and speed of a laser system.

System Integrator
Bringing a number of different technologies together, into one system, is one of the most effective ways for a business to reduce costs and improve production speed. As an experienced system integrator, we can create intelligent machines that will give a new edge to your production process.